Clifford's is a subterranean restaurant on the site of what used to be Clifford's inn, a former inn of Chancery built in 1344 and demolished in 1934.

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Our Story
took over Clifford's in 2018 with a simple British menu of classic retro dishes and a daily changing menu. I don't have any investors and most of the time it's just me here doing everything from plumbing, planning events or ordering wine. What a journey it's been. Particularly the last year!

We're back but this time with a more casual menu. Pizzas, snacks and cocktails still made using the very best of seasonal British produce. If you miss our old menu, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I've been cooking for the past 10 years in some of the best British pubs and restaurants in London. These days you're more likely to see me on the front of house but I still create the menu and source some fantastic ingredients from all over the country (and occasionally from Europe). 

Back in Suffolk where I grew up I've enlisted the help of my family and dearest friends to bring special home grown produce whenever I can. Quince, medlar, plums, crab apples, elderflower and sloes. You're likely to see these on our shelves pickled and jammed or in our cocktails. 

We look forward to welcoming you soon.